2022-2023 Representative Coach Surveys (Ajax Pickering Minor Hockey)

Print2022-2023 Representative Coach Surveys

APMHA Parents - please read the below in its entirety.

Please ask your team manager for your link to the Survey.

It's that time of the year where we need to ask our membership to evaluate our Representative Coaches.

We use these coach evaluations to help us better understand how the APMHA membership view our coaches’ performance. We use the information for both coach selection as well as helping the coaches understand areas where they are doing well and areas for improvement.

It’s highly important that the evals are filled out correctly and honestly as we put a high level of priority on evals when selecting coaches. Once coaches are assigned for next season it is very difficult to go back and make changes. We initiate the survey process early in order to parent's time to read the questions and spend some time thinking about the answer over a couple weeks. Make your eval count!

All responses are strictly confidential; coaches will NOT see individual responses. Coaches will be provided with wrap up summary of all responses combined. No player names will be supplied in the summary to the coaches. Anonymous reviews will not be accepted. Only 1 survey per player will be accepted.


Survey Contest:

Teams where all families/players respond by the due date will be put into a draw for the following prizes. Teams with less than a full response or late response will not be entered into the draw.


1st place - $500 discount applied to your team ice invoice

2nd Place -$350 discount applied to your team ice invoice

3rd Place -$250 discount applied to your team ice invoice

4th Place - $250 discount applied to your team ice invoice


Deadline is December 30, 2022,

In closing, we realize that sometimes these evaluations are viewed as useless, and people only respond if they have issues, but the reality is we also need to understand the positives. People who are happy and think the coaching staff did a fine job should also respond, please don’t assume we know.