AAA PTS, Waivers & Releases (Ajax Pickering Minor Hockey)

PrintAAA PTS, Waivers & Releases


PTS forms are now done ONLINE - please read the information below carefully
PTS forms can take up to 48-72 hours and are only provided on/after the first day of AAA tryouts.
Handwritten PTS forms are no longer accepted; you must use the new online request process.
All information must be entered accurately and match the information you entered into the Hockey Canada Registration or the PTS will be denied and/or delayed.
Forms must contain your complete address including postal code.

The APMHA will not review any PTS requests using the forms provided for players in divisions U13 and below. 

Please READ below and make sure you request the correct form. JPG or pictures will not be accepted must be pdf version
You do not need a PTS form to attend a contact clinic. PTS forms are only valid for tryouts.

 U14-U16 AAA                                                                                                                                    

Permission to Skate -  ***from an OMHA Centre to an OMHA Centre***              

1. This form is to be utilized on behalf of all OMHA players wishing to attend “AAA Zone” tryout/training camps of hockey teams/associations within the OMHA and ALLIANCE.
2. Each player is required by Hockey Canada and Ontario Hockey Federation Regulations to present this form to the appropriate Team Official and/or Head Coach of the team of which the player is trying out.
3. Teams/Associations/Clubs are not to allow players to participate without this signed form. Sanctions shall be applied where circumstances warrant.
4. This is neither a “Player Release” nor an “OHF AAA Waiver Form”.
5. This form is invalid for participant use while the player’s current registered team is participating in scheduled league/Playdown or sanctioned Branch events.


FORM INSTRUCTIONS: Please click on the link above to access the PDF version of this form. Complete the fillable PTS above accurately and email the completed form to  [email protected]  

**DO NOT SEND PTS FORMS TO ANY PERSONAL EMAIL ADDRESSES - This PTS form must be sent to the email address listed above or it may not be reviewed.

*Please check your spam folders for any emails from the APMHA**

Permission to Skate -  ***LOR PTS***                                                                                                              

1. This form is required for U14 to U18 Players only (U18AAA excluded).
2. It is only necessary when players are changing Members from which they were last registered with (ie – an OMHA player trying out for a GTHL team or a GTHL player trying out for an OMHA team).
3. Each such player is required by OHF Regulations to present this form to the General Manager and/or Head Coach of the team of which the player is trying out.
4. Clubs are NOT to allow players to participate without this signed form. Sanctions SHALL be applied where circumstances warrant. Permission to Skate Forms cannot be issued retroactively.
5. This form is invalid once a Hockey Canada registration certificate is signed for the season in question.


Click here for instructions on using Minor Hockey Forms. 

OHF F1 Waiver                                                                                                                                   

An F1 Waiver is required in certain circumstances when moving between a non-LOR center and a LOR center. It is NOT expected that Ajax or Pickering residents will require this form.

AP Residents should proceed with the appropriate PTS request. 

Do not use this form if you do not fit the criteria above, it will cause delays.

If it is determined that you require a F1 Waiver per OHF rules and regulations for a U14 and older AAA team please email Cheryl Robbins 
with ALL of the following information:

  • Player’s Full Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Home Address
  • Phone Number
  • What team did they play for last season?
  • Which team are they trying out for?
  • Are they a Goalie or a Skater?

F1 Waiver Requests for Players in AAA U14 and older will only be accepted via email. Please allow 48 hours for completion. Requests received with incomplete information will take longer. Once approved, you will receive the F1 AAA Waiver electronically.

U18 AAA                                                                                                                                             

Please click here to review the OHF Handbook. U18 AAA has its own set of Rules and Regulations that you will need to be familiar with before trying out for a U18 AAA Team. Go to the Playing Regulations section of the handbook and look for Regulation K.

16 and 17-year old players are eligible to play for any U18 AAA Team within the OHF. If you are playing for your Home Center no additional paperwork is required. If you are not playing for your Home Center you will likely require a Permission to Skate and a Release. The exception to this rule is if you are returning to the same hockey association you played for in the previous season.

As per OHF Regulations the APMHA cannot issue a U18 AAA PTS or Release prior to August 23rd.

A U18 AAA PTS or Release can only be issued by your Home Center - the below instructions only apply to Ajax and Pickering residents trying out for an OHF U18 AAA team outside of Ajax and Pickering. If you are a non-Ajax/Pickering resident looking to tryout for the Ajax Pickering Raiders U18 AAA Program, you will need to gather this paperwork from your Home Center. This is a two-step process, step (1) the Permission to Skate and step (2) the Release - more information will be available in August. 

Request A Permission To Skate (U18 AAA PTS)                                                                                              

You will require a Permission To Skate before you attend the U18 AAA Tryout. As per OHF Regulations, no Association is permitted to provide U18 AAA Permission to Skate (PTS) forms until on or after August 23rd. Please follow the instructions below to request a U18 PTS:

1. Form will be available in August.
2. Fill out and submit the form

3. Upon approval, your PTS will be sent to the email address you provided on the form in step one above

Please allow 2-4 business days for your PTS Request to be processed. Rush requests will not be accepted. Do not wait for the day of the Tryout to request your PTS!! Once approved you will receive your Permission to Skate form via email to the address you provided. You must print and sign the approved PTS and bring it with you to the Tryout.